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Stock your Store with Kids Wholesale Sunglasses

Sunglasses are such a trend in adult fashion that it can be hard to remember that they are actually recommended by eye doctors for protecting your eyes against sun damage. By the same token, it can be simple to forget that children need this same protection that adults do.

Having a stock of sunglasses for kids in your store will attract attention because while many retail stores tend to feature sunglasses for the convenience of adults, they often do not cater to children. Whether the store is a pharmacy, shoe store, or even a convenience store, kids’ sunglasses will catch the eye of customers who are parents, or the eye of children who are out with their family members and guardians.

Olympic Eyewear’s kid sunglasses are miniature models of adult fashion trends with options for the kinds of colors and playful patterns that kids love. They are made by DG Sunglasses, X-Loop Sunglasses, Locs Sunglasses, and Choppers Sunglasses.

Retailers can also get kids sunglasses in assorted dozens. This may be an ideal option especially if you are not fussy about specific models, and want to eliminate the task of choosing between models. On the other hand, you may have an idea of exactly what you want and can order sets of one type of model in assorted or un-assorted colors.

So, don’t leave the small people out of the sunglasses equation! Include kids’ sunglasses into your bulk sunglasses stock. You may be surprised to find that you notice a whole new purchasing trend in your store.


Get Ready for Summer Trends; Basic Shades to Keep in Stock

Be sure to have all the sunglasses stocks you need for this summer! Sunglasses never go out of style and this season they continue to be a hot trend. Your customers will come in with different tastes and styles, so be sure your bulk sunglasses reflect a variety. Also look out for any of Olympic Eyewear’s monthly discounts.

Sports Sunglasses – Your more active customers will be reaching for these types of sunglasses. They want shades to keep their eyes protected from the glare of the sun so they can focus on the activity at hand. Whether they are jogging, playing soccer, or waving a racket on a hot court, customers with active lifestyles know that wearing sunglasses protects their eyes from harmful rays while they are out there, while also giving their eyes a measure of physical protection from environmental debris or wind. X-Loop Sunglasses is a great brand for sports sunglasses. They come in a range of colors and frame styles.

Celebrity Sunglasses – These sunglasses are for customers who are more concerned about fashion appeal. Celebrity wholesale sunglasses allows your customers to achieve the look of their favorite celebrities, by donning their eyes with stylish models that are trendy but not costly. Targeted predominantly towards women, these glasses tend to be flashy, bold and statement-making. DG Sunglasses carry a broad range of celebrity sunglass shape, size, color and design.

Cool, Functional Shades – Great for men, these types of sunglasses are ideal for the customer who wants something simple and non-flashy but that does the job and looks cool at the same time. LocsSunglassescome mostly in black with the option of white for some models. They are typically rectangular in shape and come with a standard black tint.

These are only a few examples. Olympic Eyewear offers a large collection of diverse styles. Retailers can also consider the Olympic Eyewear assorted dozen. Available in each discount designer brand, assorted dozens include several different styles and can help you keep a variety of options in stock.

Differences between .75mm Polarized Lenses and 1.1mm Polarized Lenses

On a first guess, you would probably think that the difference between .75mm and 1.1mm polarized lenses is a difference in polarization – that is, how much the lenses protect your eyes from glare. But the different types of polarized lenses actually provide the same layer of polarized protection. They filter the same quantity of light, one does not offer greater or less polarized protection than the other.

So then what’s the difference?

The “mm” is actually a measurement of thickness – the thickness of the lens. 1.1mm polarized lenses are slightly thicker than .75mm polarized lenses butthis thickness makes a difference only in terms of impact resistance.

Anglers and water sports enthusiasts especially benefit form polarized lenses because they are well suited to the intensity of the sun’s glare bouncing off the water. Without sunglasses – and sunglasses that are polarized – a fisherman may have a hard time seeing beneath the water clearly, and may find it hard to even look up and out at the water. This kind of extreme glare can also cause serious eye strain. Fishermen and water enthusiasts should always be sure they have the appropriate gear to protect their eyes while on the water. Regular .75 lenses offer the perfect protection, visual acuity and clarity needed in conditions of extreme glare.1.1mm polarized lenses are not necessary for everyone.

So if both types of lenses offer the same level of polarization, why should I buy 1.1mm lenses?

1.1 mm polarized lenses are specifically suited to water enthusiasts, fishermen and any person needing glare protection who is also concerned about impact resistance. .75mm lenses are perfectly fine for a regular day of fishing or other activity. 1.1mm may be a better option if you envision easily scratching or otherwise damaging your lens.

Olympic Eyewear has a great variety of polarized sunglasses with lenses of both .75mm and 1.1mm thickness. You can find styles to suit your taste from popular discount brands like DG Sunglasses, X-Loop Sunglasses, DG Sunglasses, and Biohazard Sunglasses

Sunglasses Marketing Strategies

Olympic Eyewear, a wholesale sunglasses specialist, offers helpful advice and tips to retailers selling sunglasses. They understand that profits are the bottom line and to help boost these revenues, they recommend:

  • Rotation – Rotating stock regularly is important. Retailers should focus on new product launches or sunglasses that require a dominant display, keeping gender and age groups separated and neatly organized. Organization should include subtypes by style, as this is proven to help generate more revenues. Mixing and matching too many categories makes a display look messy and unorganized, which is proven to be a big turnoff for customers. People will walk around displays to find a certain style, so it’s important they be grouped accordingly for easy display options. Stock should be rotated regularly, as often as every three weeks to a month. Countertop displays are an excellent option as they allow customers to easily spin units and look at all types of models, ultimately taking up less floor space for retailers.
  • Websites – Sunglasses are popular selling accessories online. Companies need to have a professional website that allows customers to easily view sunglasses’ descriptions and pictures. Consider having websites that easily allow stock items to rotate, as this will save money down the road on expensive programming fees.
  • Attention Grabbers – Attention grabbing signs are a great way to generate interest, especially for sunglasses kiosks, as these can easily pass customers by in crowded areas. Successful marketing strategies include highlighting low price items in bold, large fonts. Sales should be in larger fonts and if something is buy one and get another pair at a discount price, the lower of the two prices should always be highlighted to grab a passerby’s attention. Sales and marketing experts agree that the human brain processes the lower number first, which is why it’s an important sales-grabbing technique.
  • Numbers – Companies should keep detailed books about rotation related to revenues. While many companies start out with trial and error experiments, it’s important for companies to keep track of selling trends. Some products may move better when on sale, compared to others, while some products may be seasonal best sellers. Additionally, some products placed at eye-level are more popular sellers when compared to other display locations.
  • Plans – Having a business plan in place is vital to a successful business operation. This includes regular planning and tracking, as well as inventory of day-to-day sales operations and figures.
  • Prices – Instead of entering into pricing wars, small businesses should conduct a competitive analysis and have price elasticity. Olympic Eyewear can offer recommendations for competitive average selling prices, but as with any product, it’s important for businesses to highlight branding, quality and value when selling designer wholesale sunglasses.

Retailers: Organizing Sunglasses

First impressions are everything when selling accessories, including sunglasses. Many retailers find that organization is key when making a profit. A well-organized display can easily outsell one that is unorganized, as it is proven that consumers are more likely to purchase from a store that highlights organization and cleanliness.

Instead of simply purchasing a display unit, retailers need to have an understanding of countertop spinning displays and permanent backlit units. Sunglasses displays especially rely on proper organization, highlighting styles to draw people in and make them try sunglasses on. Professional displays make an excellent first impression on customers, dramatically helping increase sales.

Sunglasses should be grouped and organized by children’s, women’s and men’s styles. Simply put, to make a sunglasses display productive, the items must be grouped properly. Understanding customer demographics is also necessary. If older people are the predominant customer base, then products should be geared towards them and placed carefully at eye level to make sure sunglasses catch their eyes.

Most consumers shop for sunglasses with an idea of what they would like to spend and a general style. Styles should be a subgroup by gender. For example, designer sunglasses should be grouped together, with DG sunglasses and VG sunglasses organized separately. Instead of letting displays look like an afterthought, having a well-organized display with sunglasses tells customers that a retailer is knowledgeable and fully engaged with the product. Rotating stock regularly, often every few weeks, is highly recommended. This does not need to be overly involved and can simply include reversing the inventory order to catch passerby’s attention.

Sunglasses should be placed in the front of a store and always at eye level. If a store has a good selling model, they should consider placing those directly an eye level to make sure that customers view those first. However, if a store has a model that hasn’t been selling well, they may want to consider moving their location, as it may just be a matter of catching potential customers’ wandering eyes to make a particular style sell.

Having a display that appears attractive and clean is critical to successful selling techniques. Customers need to be able to find items quickly and easily, as this entices them to shop and stay in the store. Having a well organized inventory also allows businesses to easily see what styles and models are rapidly selling, what their inventory looks like, when they need to place additional inventory orders, etc.

Olympic Eyewear, a wholesale sunglasses company, understands the importance of selling the latest trendy sunglasses, helping comb through thousands of models and selecting the most popular varieties. This helps take the guess work out of the selection process and allows retailers to focus on what they do best – selling.

Buying Bulk Sunglasses

Many businesses are looking to buy bulk sunglasses in preparation for the spring and summer months. The benefits of buying bulk sunglasses are numerous, which includes substantial price discounts. Many businesses also eliminate recurring expenses by purchasing bulk sunglasses, paying less and selling them for more, which ultimately increases business profits.

When purchasing sunglasses in bulk quantities, businesses should consider the following recommendations:

  • What Is Included – While many bulk sunglasses providers do not offer high quality products, Olympic Eyewear offers high quality designer brands at discount prices. They sell a variety of name brands, including Wayfarer sunglasses, X-Loop sunglasses and VG sunglasses. Buyers can contact Olympic Eyewear directly with questions related to sizes, styles and shapes, including best sellers. Additionally, Olympic Eyewear offers assorted dozen models in a variety of colors, single color sunglasses by the dozen and assorted models by the dozen. They also offer sunglasses accessories and displays, making it easy for retailers to buy inclusive packages for their in-store displays.
  • Inspection – When purchasing bulk sunglasses, retailers should inspect their shipment upon receipt. Looking at the quality, type and protection is important. Additionally, there are a number of different shade styles, including sports styles, fashion sunglasses, retro designs, aviator shades and even designer sunglasses.
  • Additional Benefits – Olympic Eyewear offers substantial volume-based discounts, including 5% off orders over $500, 10% off $1,000 or more, 15% off $3,000 or more and 20% off orders of $5,000 or more. Periodically they also offer special promotions to customers via newsletter subscriptions, offering even more substantial savings.

When selecting the right wholesale sunglasses supplier, customers should make sure they use a reputable supplier that has high quality products, a wide selection of inventory, high reliability, an easy to navigate website, excellent customer relations and competitive pricing.

One of the most profitable products to buy wholesale and sell retail are sunglasses. Two particular designs that stand the test of time and are always good sellers include Aviator-styles and Wayfarer sunglasses. Just as jewelry is always popular, sunglasses are a must have accessory, exuding coolness and sophistication.

Sunglasses come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and types, meaning that people are more apt to purchase multiple pairs to go with a variety of outfits. While sunglasses offer UV protection from outdoor elements, they also give people the opportunity to express their individual sense of fashionable style.

Forgotten Accessories: Trend Alert

Whether someone lives in a tropical climate or a frigid area with abundant snow, sunglasses play an important role in protecting the eyes and making all-important fashion statements. Often a forgotten accessory, sunglasses allow people to look hip and stylish while portraying the ultimate in relaxed demeanor.

The latest sunglasses accessory trends include:

  • Shapes – The latest shapes include octagon frames and lenses. These lend unique angles for facial features. Some of the latest designs come in a variety of bright colors, including acrylic styles, as well as simple wire frames.
  • Something Old – While older folks don oversized eyewear to protect their eyes, younger folks are also turning to this oversized style. Fashion icons, such as Chanel, are creating these oversized trends, adding sophistication and bold fashion statements to any outfit.
  • Prints – Not just for clothing, prints are appearing on sunglasses worldwide. Combining oversized frames with stripes and bold patterns, these easily complement special occasion and everyday outfits.
  • Jewelry – The latest sunglasses styles highlight clear shades, which mimic Lucite jewelry. These add a little facial bling to any attire, while appearing fashionable and statement worthy.
  • Cutouts – The latest styles incorporate cutout designs and see through side view patterns. These sexy designs allow just enough peek-a-boo skin to look super sexy and turn heads.
  • Men’s Designs – The latest men’s trends include Wayfarer sunglasses, including multi-colored hues. Aviator sunglasses are also popular, as they come in a variety of metal colors, including gold and silver.
  • Women’s Sexy Styles – Cat eye styles are voluptuously curvy, feminine and super meow-worthy catty. These are time-honored trends that look fabulous with a chic wardrobe.
  • Round Frames – These are simple, yet classic styles that don’t cost a fortune but always look fabulous.

Other popular trends include pairing bold red sunglasses with red lipstick, which creates the ultimate fun pop of color with any neutral-colored outfit. As neon colors make a comeback into the fashion world, these are rapidly being incorporated into sunglasses trends. Additionally, mirrored styles are an ideal compliment to most outfits, creating a fun and trendy look that is eye catching. Sci-fi inspired trends are also becoming popular, creating unique statements that are adored by today’s younger generation.

Olympic Eyewear offers the latest sunglasses trends, including designer wholesale sunglasses, including X-Loop sunglasses, DG sunglasses, VG sunglasses and many more popular name brands.


Sunglasses: A Hot Statement

Spring helps set the fashion trends for the entire summer. This season is no exception, with spring trends helping pave the path for upcoming bold summer styles. As a favorite and timeless fashion accessory, popular sunglass styles include oversized designs, bright colors and fun shapes.

No matter what someone’s face shape, there is a style to compliment all types of features. Helping make classy statements, sunglasses are the absolute must have accessory for men, women and children.

Popular trends to look for this spring include:

  • Bold – Celebrities are opting for bold styles that stand out. Catchy rims, sharp shapes and flared edges are gracing runways worldwide.
  • Colorful – Fresh, bright and jewel-adorned sunglasses help create a unique look, helping set sunglasses apart from the crowd. Colors include a vast array, ranging from reds to blues. With an entire rainbow of hues available, fashion accessory-driven fashionistas can easily coordinate an array of bold colors with every outfit.
  • Cat Eye – Gracing runways once again, cat eye styles are huge this season. Timeless and with the fashion-gracing sense of icon Jackie O, these chic styles can make anyone look like an instant celebrity.
  • Tone on Tone – Instead of the basic solid colors, designers are combining shades and colors to create fun two-tone looks that compliment skin tones. These offer an edgy style that is eye-catching and head turning.
  • Square – For people that have longer faces, square sunglasses offer the ultimate proportioned shape. They also provide a hint of edginess that is classic, exuding sophistication.
  • Colored Lenses – A popular trend includes silver and gold metallic shades, including punchy bursts of green and orange.

Fortunately for retailers, Olympic Eyewear offers the latest sunglasses styles, including Wayfarer sunglasses, X-Loop sunglasses, celebrity-style sunglasses and rhinestone studded accents, as well as sunglasses accessories.

Olympic Eyewear carries name brand styles, helping retailers tap into niche markets. Taking the hassle out of sunglasses research for retailers, Olympic Eyewear stays on top of the latest sunglasses accessory trends, implementing their knowledge of current trends into their latest market offerings. Additionally, they offer assorted dozen models, single color dozen and assorted models by the dozen. As a manufacturer, importer and distributor of the latest designer sunglasses styles and brands, they offer discount pricing, no hidden handling fees, low-price shipping and convenient payment options. They also offer customization options, perfect for company logos.